NiMuSi Puzznic is a remake of the classic puzzle game.

It is a puzzle in which the player pushes the pieces around a maze, trying to get matching pieces together. Any matching pieces are eliminated, and you need to eliminate them all to win.

The drawback is that there are immovable blocks which hinder your movement. You can only move the pieces horizontally, the effects of gravity make them drop.

There are moving platforms which you can use to help you move the pieces around the level.

The game area is viewed from above. The game is very simple, mentally challenging and requires logic to complete it.

This version is a faithfull implementation of the original, consisting of 159 puzzles. The difficulty level increases as you progress through the puzzles.

Requires DirectX 9 (which you may already have).

Download a version for Windows here.

Puzznic 1 Puzznic 2 Puzznic 3