The following utility apps are available for download. The games are available here.
secureit 1 SolveX 1 sPrint 1


secureIT is a small notepad utility designed to hold multiple text items in a single file for easy retrieval. secureIT has been designed with ease-of-use in mind. It allows for the easy addition and amendment of the data items.


Stuck with a crossword? Need help finding an anagram? SolveX is for you. Enter the word you are looking for (including any spaces), and SolveX will give you a list of matching words or anagrams. It has a dictionary of over 105,000 words, and is quick and easy to use.


sPrint is a screen capture utility. It allows you to capture all or any part of the screen display on your PC. The captured image can then be printed, saved to disk or copied to the clipboard.