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Dragon Age

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

I have recently been playing the CRPG (Computer Role Playing Game) Dragon Age. This was recommended to me by a reader of a previous post on RPGs. Incidentally Dragon Age has been written by Bioware, the team that created my favourite CRPG, Baldur’s Gate.

I am completely hooked by the plot and game play of Dragon Age. It manages to create a complex and consistent game world. I care about what happens to my character and his companions. The game keeps me wanting to go back for more, wondering what is around the corner.

The graphics are superb, much better than from the days of Baldur’s Gate. The interface is very intuitive. The only thing that I miss from Baldur’s Gate is the ability to manage each individual character’s inventory, although arguably it is better to treat the inventory as a party asset and manage it as such.

The companions in Dragon Age also seem to have better AI, in that they react in much more varied ways to your actions.

I hve been playing this game virtually every free minute for the past two weeks. The fact that I am playing it at 1 O’clock in the morning demonstrates what a brilliant game it is. If you like CRPGs I can recommend this whole-heartedly.

Computer Games

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

I have been playing computer games since 1983.

The first games I played were on a Sinclair ZX81 (a small home computer with 16k of memory which you plugged into a domestic television). This featured a black-and-white display and used a dialect of Basic. When it first appeared there weren’t many games available, but I remember playing a dire conversion of the arcade game Space Invaders. Most of the time we were reduced to typing in listings which appeared in the computer magazines of the time. This led to me taking up an interest in programming. I wrote a very crude version of Breakout in Sinclair Basic. This ran so slow that I was forced to learn Z80 machine code. By the time the ZX Spectrum (a colour computer with 48k of memory) appeared I was a competent home programmer. (more…)