Java file handling

I’ve recently bought myself an Android phone (the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10).

I am very pleased with the phone and decided to convert one of my freeware apps to run on it.  The app I am converting is secureIT, a notepad utility which can be used to manage passwords and other sensitive information.

Android apps are written in Java, which I have never used previously, so I am having an interesting time learning Java at the same time as the Android API.

One of the options available in the new app will allow the user to import the data file from the desktop app to the Android.  This involves using the Java i/o classes together with XML parsers.  I have been struck with the sheer number of file handling classes, interfaces and methods available in Java.  It has taken me a few hours to write and debug the routine for doing the import using InputStream, FileInputStream, XmlPullParser and XmlPullParserFactory.

Anyway, hopefully the app will be ready soon.

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